Beryl Vertue, Veteran Television Producer, Dies at 90

Beryl Vertue, a prominent television producer and the creator of Hartswood Films, has died aged 90 years old.

Sue and Debbie Vertue, both producers of Hartswood Films, confirmed her death to the Press Association News Agency on Sunday.

Hartswood Films, headed by creative director Steven Moffat, was formed by Vertue in 1979. The business created the Emmy and BAFTA-winning Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, as well as Dracula, The Devil’s Hour, and other shows.

Vertue’s other credits include Jekyll, Supernova, Carrie & Barry, Coupling, The Savages, Wonderful You, and British Men Behaving Badly. Vertue previously created the television film Mousey, starring Kirk Douglas and Jean Seaberg.

Prior to working in television production, Vertue worked as a business manager and agent for British comedians such as Frankie Howerd.

Sue and Debbie hailed Vertue in their statement as “our dearest friend, our mentor, our counsel, our role model, our holiday companion, our giggle-maker, and our boss!” She cherished her family and was ecstatic about us all. She also enjoyed her job and spent time with everyone.

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