Animal Testing Ban Vetoed in Switzerland

Swiss voters have rejected a proposal by animal rights activists to make Switzerland the first country to ban medical and scientific experiments on animals on Sunday.

In the nationwide referendum held under the Swiss tradition of direct democracy, the government reported 21% of voters favored the animal experiment ban, while 79% were against it.

Animal rights groups said animal testing must stop because they are unethical and unnecessary. 

Opponents of the ban, which includes the Swiss parliament, said it would have wide-ranging impacts on the development and production of new medications, vaccines, therapies, and chemicals.

“We are delighted with the clear rejection of this harmful initiative,” CEO of lobby group Interpharma Rene Buholzer said

“It shows that the Swiss population recognizes the central role of research for people’s health and for prosperity in Switzerland,” Buholzer added.

However, supporters argued that researchers could create new methods to test medications and chemicals without involving animals.

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