Turkey Says News Agencies VOA, DW, and Euronews Need National Licenses

The Turkish government has ordered international news agencies such as Voice of America (VOA), Deutsche Welle (DW), and Euronews to obtain licenses or risk getting blocked.

“Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, and Euronews have been given a deadline of 72 hours by the RTÜK. They must apply for a broadcast license within that period or face a broadcast ban,” tweeted Radio and Television Supreme Council, (RTÜK) member Okan Konuralp.

According to the RTUK, since Euronews, VOA, and DW host videos on their websites, they are the same as radio broadcasters and require licenses to operate.

DW, Euronews, and VOA have not yet commented on the order while the RTUK has not yet mentioned other outlets.

“After the national media, it is the turn of international news sites to be supervised and muzzled. With RTUK’s ‘there are videos on the site, it must get a license’ approach, there will be no unsupervised news outlets left,” said Ilhan Tasci, an RTUK member who opposed the move.

Okan Konuralp, another opposition member in RTUK, said the decision to require licenses was a move targeting media outlets.

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