Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Oscar Noms, ‘Spider-Man’ Snub: “When Did We Decide the Best Picture Has to Be Serious?”

On Tuesday’s late-night episode, Jimmy Kimmel discussed the recently revealed Oscar nominations, offering a segment that rattled through the best picture nominations and argued that the biggest snub was the movie that everyone, including Academy voters, is going to see.

Kimmel also investigated why Academy Award-winning films are so serious, and why this appears to be a requirement.

Kimmel then rattled off the best picture nominees, but something wasn’t quite right: “Power of the Dog, West Side Story, Cold Nights Running, Midnight Nocturne, Cable Car 29, Dune, My Name is Ezekiel, and Gazebo 953.” The late-night host admitted that half of those names were made up, “but the question is, which half?” We’ll never find out.”

Kimmel also said, “When did we determine that the finest movie needs to be serious?” “, and it should be remembered that this was not the intention when feature films first began to be created. He mentioned films with otherworldly tales, such as “Frankenstein: a monster driven by lightning, Fantasia: Micky Mouse on an acid trip, The Wizard of Oz: flying monkeys and a witch” — stressing that these are Oscar-worthy sorts of movies.

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