Germany Appoints Greenpeace Chief Jennifer Morgan as First Special Climate Envoy

The German government on Feb. 9 appointed Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan as its new special envoy for climate.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock from the ecologist Green party announced the appointment, calling Morgan “the face of Germany’s international climate policy.”

“If fighting the climate crisis is one thing, it’s a matter for the boss,” Baerbock said, describing Morgan “a strong advocate.”

The Foreign Ministry said that Morgan will officially join on March 1.

“She will direct our foreign climate policy, expand partnerships with other countries, and lead dialogue with civil society,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Greenpeace International congratulated Morgan on her new position.

“We need people like Jennifer who understand the urgency of the climate threat, inside our governments and institutions. People who understand the nexus between climate justice and social justice and who will fight for that,” Greenpeace International Board Chair Ayesha Imam said in a statement.

Morgan, who joined Greenpeace six years ago, will step down from the independent organization on Feb. 28.

However, some criticized the appointment, accusing Baerbock of blurring the lines between lobbying and governing.

“The government apparently has a problem differentiating between government, activists, and lobbyists,” Thomas Silberhorn, a lawmaker from the conservative Christian Social Union in Bavaria party, told local media.

Some also pointed out Morgan’s American citizenship.

Baerbock said that the foreign ministry is suited to have an international staff.

Morgan said at a press conference that her “political heart beats for Germany” and that limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius required “international cooperation as we have never seen before.”

Morgan is still in the process of applying for her German citizenship and once she acquires it, she will take on the role as state secretary.

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