US, Yemeni Officials Discuss Houthi Rebel’s Military Escalation

Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak said he met with acting US Ambassador to Yemen, Kathy Westly in Riyadh, where both sides discussed issues of bilateral relations and the ongoing Houthi rebels military escalation in the war-hit country.

The Asharq Al-Awsat news agency reported that both the officials exchanged views in detail on how to boost bilateral ties in all areas.

During the talks, Mubarak expressed concern over covert and overt support of the government of Iran to the Houthi rebels that have caused the prolongation of war in Yemen.

Mubarak warned that the Houthis could pose a big threat to the world’s safety as it already targeted civilian populated areas in the neighboring countries. Mubarak also lamented the ongoing Houthi assaults on the civil facilities inside the country.

During the meeting, Mubarak also highlighted the economic challenges which the government of Yemen is facing.

In her part, Westly, while expressing US’s solid support to a peaceful Yemen, said Washington supported efforts exerted by Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen Hans Grundberg to reach a political settlement to the conflict in Yemen.

Westly has assured that the US is supporting the legitimate Yemeni government to preserve Yemen’s unity, security, and stability.

The meeting came after the Houthi rebels claimed to have launched several missiles toward UAE in the recent weeks that killed three people and wounded six others.

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