Iraq’s National Security Advisor Says Ties With US, Saudi Arabia is Not Against Iran

Iraq’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Qasim al-Araji said that relations with the US and Saudi Arabia are based on Iraq’s national interest and it’s absolutely not against Iran.

In a series of tweets, al-Araji stressed over having good relations with Iran and emphasized that having cordial relations with other countries should not be considered against another state in the region.

“Iraq’ relationship with the three countries, US, Saudi Arabia and Iran, is not against another state,” he wrote.

He went on saying that Iraq’s relation with the US is not against Iran, and vice versa and similarly relations with Saudi Arabia is not against Iran and Baghdadi’s relation with Tehran is not against Riyadh.

“We are observing relations with these countries based on our national interest,” al-Araji added. At the same time he assured not to let any group use Iraq soil against Iran or any other countries in the region and world.

Moreover, he also called on other countries to respect “Iraq’s sovereignty and law.”

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