Houthi Missiles Can Target Eilat Port In Israel: Expert Warns

A Houthi military expert, Brigadier General Abdallah Al-Jafari has threatened Israel that the Yemen-based group’s missiles can target several areas in Israel, including its Eilat Port and Tel Aviv as they have already targeted the United Arabia Emirates (UAE).

Speaking on Iranian Al-Alam TV, as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Al-Jafari said “there are also other missiles and drones with a longer range — a range of 2,500 km — and can go beyond the Zionist entity.”

Al-Jafari added that the very same missiles and drones that have reached the UAE today will reach Tel Aviv and the Eilat Port, warning the next target would be the UAE’s Burj Khalifa and Expo 2020.

Al-Jafari claimed that all detected targets will be hit, and he expects the next target is “Burj Khalifa”. Some targets that have been defined will be announced in the coming days, Al-Jafari added

The claim of targeting Israel and UAE, the two countries that normalized its relations in 2020, had come at a time when Houthi rebels fired several missiles toward Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital city.

UAE defense authorities had recently said they had intercepted Houthis ballistic missile during the visit of Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the UAE.

UAE officials said the remains of the ballistic missile exploded outside populated areas. There were no reports of injuries.

On January 17, Houthi missiles targeted three oil tankers near Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, in which three people were killed and six more were wounded.

The Houthis also fired missiles toward Saudi Arabia but they were intercepted without casualties, prompting the two Arabic countries to intensify attacking Houthis positions in Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition has intervened in Yemen after the Iranian-backed Houthis took a large part of Yemen, including the capital city Sanaa in 2015.

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