Climate Activists in Berlin Glue Selves to Road

“Last Generation” climate activists have glued themselves to the A100 motorway and blocked roads and motorways in Berlin, Hamburg, and Stuttgart to demand a law against food wastage and reduction of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

“After two weeks of massive public discussions, it is now up to the government to act. Where is Olaf Scholz?  It will continue in the next few weeks: the food rescuers of the last generation declare the A100 a place of non-violent civil resistance and call for the motorway traffic to be slowed down,” said Last Generation. 

There were 11 activists who glued themselves to the A100 but there were 27 in total for the protest.

Protests have been reportedly ongoing since Friday while some protesters have already been detained.

German police were forced to pry the protesters from asphalt with olive oil and a scalpel after traffic jams started forming. 

The government is not only breaking international law but committing a crime against humanity by deliberately heading for a world hotter by 2, 3, 4 degrees with billions dying of hunger,” said activist Carla Hinrichs.

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