Tibetans Protest Beijing Olympics Outside Committee HQ

Several hundreds of Tibetans marched outside the Swiss headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Thursday to protest against Beijing hosting the Winter Games.

“Today here we are gathered, Tibetans from at least eight different countries in Europe, in front of the IOC building to protest against IOC awarding the Winter Olympics 2022 to the Beijing government,” said Karma Choekyi, head of the Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Tibetan expatriates from across Europe – many wrapped in the red, yellow, and blue flag of Tibet and dressed in traditional robes – played drums and chanted  “Beijing Olympics, Genocide Games,” “Tibet is burning,” and “Long live Dalai Lama.”

The protesters were also carrying Tibetan flags and marched behind banners that read “Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics,” ‘Stop human rights violations in Tibet,” and “Games of shame.”

“China has committed and continues to commit cultural genocide in Tibet,” the Tibetan activists said in a statement.  

Meanwhile, Zhao Weidong, a spokesman for the Beijing Games, denied the allegations.

 “The so-called China human rights issue is a lie made up by people with ulterior motives,” Weidong said. 

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