Israel Summons Ukrainian Envoy Over Criticizing FM Lapid

The Israel Foreign Ministry summoned the Ukraine ambassador to Jerusalem Yevgen Korniychuk for a “reprimand” after he criticized recent comments by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid about the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

Kornichuk in a Facebook message was deeply shocked by Lapid’s recent statements regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“What is going on is not a conflict, but rather a war that Russia is waging against Ukraine,” Kornichuk wrote in Facebook page, adding “it is a shame that Lapid has not noticed the war in the center of Europe which has lasted for eight years already.”

Lapid had earlier ruled out any violent conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the near future, and said Israel’s assessment “shows that no violent confrontation will happen soon.”

During an interview with Axios news site, Lapid said that he also doesn’t think a “world war” is about to start there.

Meanwhile, the US claimed that Russia has a plan to stage a fake Ukrainian attack by releasing counterfeit video graphics showing the attack on Russian territory, to help Moscow justify its invasion.

Though the US did not provide any proof to support its claim, but Russia said troops are there near the border for military drills, but Ukraine and its Western allies concerned that Russia has a plan to launch an assault.


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