EU Oil Facilities Targeted by Cyberattack

Oil facilities in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been targeted by cyberattacks by unknown actors.

Germany prosecutors announced that they have launched an investigation on a cyberattack against the Oiltanking facility where hackers demanded money to reopen hijacked networks.

Oiltanking reported that it has been forced to run in a limited capacity but have not named their attackers.  

“All parties are continuing to work towards a return to normal operations at all our terminals as soon as possible,” said Oiltanking. 

Belgian prosecutors also said they are looking into a cyber-attack that’s affected SEA-Invest terminals in Antwerp, called SEA-Tank.

SEA-Tank said that each of its ports in the EU and Africa as well but has not specified which. 

In the Netherlands, oil company Evos reported that its  IT services at terminals in Terneuzen, Ghent, and Malta were also disrupted. 

“Their software is being hijacked and they can’t process barges. Basically, the operating system is down,” said Jelle Vreeman, senior broker at Riverlake in Rotterdam.

Europol said they were aware of the situation and that the “investigation is ongoing and in a sensitive stage.”

It is not yet known whether the attacks were coordinated or were conducted independently.

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