UAE Says It Foiled Drone Attacks Claimed By Iraqi Militia

An Iraqi militia group known as “True Promise Brigades,” has claimed responsibility for carrying out drone attacks against the UAE, citing Abu Dhabi’s interference in Yemen and Iraq war as mere justification.

The UAE’s defense authorities said they have intercepted three hostile drones that entered its airspace over unpopulated areas early today.

The latest attack came while the UAE was targeted with several missiles claimed by the Yemeni Houthi rebels in retaliation to its support to the government security forces fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The UAE and Saudi-led military coalition have intensified attacking Houthi rebels after the group fired missiles that resulted in the killing of three people in Abu Dhabi.     

Iraqi intelligence and security officials said they are not familiar with “True Promise Brigades”.

The officials doubt if the group has the capability to carry out such attacks or whether it is tied to an Iranian-backed militia.

However, the True Promise Brigade in January 2021 claimed a drone attack on Saudi Arabia that had no casualties.

The UAE’s defense ministry said in a statement that it is “ready to deal with any threats” and was taking “all necessary measures to protect the state and its territory.”

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