Watchdog Calls For End To Syria War As 697 People Killed In January Alone

The Syrian Observatory on Tuesday called on warring parties in Syria to end the ongoing bloodshed in the country as it claimed the lives of 697 people only in January, highest monthly death toll in two years.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) renewed its appeal to stop the war in Syria as it goes for nearly 11 years with the civilians suffering more.

“Those who are behind civilian casualties must be held accountable” the SOHR demanded.  

118 civilians are among the 697 killed people, the SOHR said in a statement. “28 children under the age of 18, and eight women over the age of 18 are among the deaths,” it added.

The civilians were killed in different terrorist attacks such as IEDs, landmines blasts, unidentified gunmen attacks, and explosions caused by explosive remnants of war.

“21 civilians, including two women and seven children were killed in honor killings, family and factional rivalries, and indiscriminate gunfire,” the statement added.

Moreover, the Islamic State (IS) fighters killed 12 civilians, while three civilians, including two women, were killed in unknown circumstances, it added.

Furthermore, three children and a woman lost their lives due to the poor health conditions, according to the statement, which also reported that 12 civilians died under torture in regime prisons.

Turkish border guard forces “Jandarma” were also responsible for killing three civilians, it said, adding six civilians, including one child, were also killed in Turkish bombardment.

Apart from 118 civilians, the rest are the Syrian regime forces and IS fighters who were killed only in January, the statement said, adding that three Turkish soldiers and 41 unidentified fighters were among the casualties.

“We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, call on the international community once again to work hard to stop the bloodshed in Syria,” the statement added.

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