Peruvian Government Suspends Repsol Oil Unloading Operations

The Peruvian government has halted Repsol SA’s oil-loading and offloading activities at the La Pampilla refinery, saying the Spanish energy company hasn’t provided enough guarantees to prevent any future oil spills, following a spill of over 10,000 barrels that has caused widespread environmental damage.

Peru Environment Minister Ruben Ramirez said on Monday that it requested changes in Repsol’s contingency plans after high waves triggered by a volcanic eruption in Tonga led to an oil spill along Peru’s coast last month.

Repsol said it is willing to collaborate with the authorities so that its activities could resume immediately.

“Repsol will make every effort to avoid the risk of shortages of essential products for Peruvian citizens and the country’s development,” the company said, adding it would continue to focus on cleaning up the spill and supporting the affected populations and wildlife.

Meanwhile, outgoing Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez, who resigned from her role on Monday, said the administration had been working on an international lawsuit against Repsol over the “gravity of the environmental disaster.”

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