Saudi Women Launch Social Campaign Against Patriarchal Norms

Saudi Arabia women’s rights activists on Monday launched online campaigns against what they call a heavy restriction on their movements in the patriarchal society around the Kingdom.

These activists used twitter as an awareness platform to share their experiences of being prisoners in their own homes and tried to bring up the issue of social restriction they are facing in Saudi’s conservative society.

On Twitter, activists used the hashtag #HomeDetainess to raise awareness about women who languish at home.

The women through the hashtag called for the abolition of the “male guardianship system” , an arrangement which takes all the fundamental rights of a woman rather than gives it to her father, brother, or husband to decide her fate.

Many twitter users, who did not use their real name, collectively demanded the removal of the “male guardianship system” as it will even take the rights of education and work form women.

They jointly demanded that Saudi women should have freewill in term of work, education, decision-making, and also called on other women who trapped inside their homes to get encouragement from this campaign and raise their voice.

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