Janet Jackson Says She Was Disinvited to Grammys, Told Justin Timberlake to Not Respond Amid Super Bowl Backlash

Janet Jackson tackled the aftermath and claims surrounding her Super Bowl Halftime Show with Justin Timberlake and the Grammys scandal during the second night of Lifetime’s two-part documentary Janet Jackson.

The first hour of the episode focused on Janet’s reaction to her brother Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse charges, while the second hour focused on her 2004 Super Bowl performance, which sparked a media storm and opposition from conservative lawmakers and CBS, as well as an FCC probe.

Janet also handles the subsequent blacklisting and Grammy’s controversies, one more explicitly than the other. While Janet makes no explicit statements on the alleged blacklisting, a video clip shows a news item stating that VH1 and MTV were not going to broadcast her new album. Regarding the Grammys, Janet claims she was “disinvited,” and Dupri, who was on the Grammys board at the time, agrees. “I felt disrespected to Janet, and I resigned at that time,” he recalls.

The remainder of the second hour examines Janet’s relationship with Dupri, her Unbreakable World Tour, the joys of having her baby and becoming a mom in her 50s, her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Janet’s musical impact on other female artists, and how the Jackson family dealt with the deaths of her father Joe and brother Michael.

The documentary also celebrates her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, her support of social causes such as fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic and embracing her sexuality as part of her public music image, in addition to reflecting on her record label bidding war in the early 1990s and the experience of filming her feature debut Poetic Justice. This includes her iconic shirtless Rolling Stone cover with René Elizondo Jr., a move that singers such as Mariah Carey, Teyana Taylor, and Ciara have stated: “broke down a door” for female musicians to be daring.

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