ISIS Attack On Syrian Jail Ends With Over 300 Dead

At least 330 people were killed in a biggest Islamic State (IS) fighter’s assault on the Ghwayran prison in the Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah in a bid to free their detained comrades.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in a statement said they have cleared the prison from IS militants after the extremists stormed inside the compound 10 days ago.

“Our clearing operation inside the prison has ended,” the statement said, confirming casualties occurred on both sides.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said it was a difficult operation because IS gunmen were hiding in prison cellars that were difficult to be targeted with airstrikes or infiltrate.

However, the SOHR in a statement lamented that dozens of IS members managed to escape from Ghwayran prison in the early hours of the attack.

“20 fled IS fighters were surrendered, while five other terrorists were killed in exchanged of fire with SDF forces,” it added.

SOHR confirmed that a total 246 IS militants and 79 Kurdish-led fighters were killed in the fight.  

Seven civilians also lost their lives during the prison onslaught, the statement added.

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