Germany Vows To Stand With Iraq In The Fight Against IS

The government of Germany on Monday announced the extension of its military contribution towards the long-term stabilization of Iraq and also assured its full support to the Arab state in its fight against Islamic State (IS) extremist group. 

The Federal Foreign Office in a statement said that the IS terrorists remained a major threat to people in Iraq, the region and beyond, 

“The terrorist organization operates from the underground and is able to execute even more complex attacks in Iraq and Syria. Its resurgence would have far‑reaching consequences for the region and impact security in Europe and around the world,” the statement added.

Germany extended its military engagement until the end of October 2022, and the mandate was decided in structure with the Bundeswehr within the framework of the NATO mission in Iraq and the Global Coalition against IS.

“It was important to remember that Iraq still needed our support, both military and civilian,” Germany Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock quoted by his office in a statement.

Baerbock furthered that the mandate is focused on building up the capacities of the regular Iraqi armed forces and security forces and supporting Iraq in establishing sustainable security structures within the framework of NATO’s mission.

The United Nations estimates that 2.5 million people in Iraq are in need of humanitarian assistance. Just under one million internally displaced persons have not yet been able to return home.

The UN also reported after almost 11 years of conflict, around 13 million people in Syria are dependent on humanitarian assistance.

Germany is the world’s second largest donor of humanitarian assistance and provided around 2.6 billion euro for humanitarian assistance in 2021, where 750 million of this amount was earmarked for the support of people in Iraq, Syria, according to the statement.


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