Algeria FM Says To Host Inter-Palestinian Talks

Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra said it would host the inter-Palestinian talks as the reconciliation process with Palestinian factions has begun.

Briefing newsmen in Kuwait on Monday, Lamamra said that the journey to Palestinian reconciliation has started.

“Our government has experience on how to bring the Palestinians together,” Lamamra claimed.

On 24 January, Algeria hosted a conference between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s nationalist Fatah faction and its bitter rival Hamas, the armed Islamist movement. However, the meeting did not bear any fruit because no faction presented new visions.

Algerian officials at that time said they had carefully heard the two sides’ concerns and they would work on how to develop a more comprehensive vision that could be acceptable to everyone.

Many Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have tried to resolve differences between the two sides, but no breakthrough occurred so far.  

The Hamas group has repeatedly opposed any negotiations with Israel, while the Fatah faction is ready for talks with Israeli officials in order to find a common solution to the Israel-Palestine quarrel.

Furthermore, Palestinian officials failed to hold general elections in the past 16 years.


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