Fourteen Guests Hospitalized Due to High Carbon Monoxide Levels at Ohio Hotel Pool

Fourteen guests, including six children, were hospitalized on Jan. 29 after a “life threatening” carbon monoxide leak at an Ohio hotel.

Police said they responded to a report of an unconscious two-year-old girl at about 5:30 p.m. and received additional reports of unconscious people in and around the pool area of the Hampton Inn in Marysville, Ohio.

Police further said that others reported experiencing dizziness and burning throats.

Marysville Police Chief Jay Riley confirmed to ABC News that they detected “life-threatening levels of carbon monoxide in the pool area.”

Memorial Hospital in Marysville said they received 11 patients from the Hampton Inn, six of whom were children and five were adults.

Hospital Spokesperson Melanie Ziegler said two of the patients were in critical condition, five were serious but stable, and four were treated and released.

Three people were brought to the Grady Memorial Hospital, one of whom was in critical condition while the other two were in stable condition, according to the police.

First responders evaluated two people at the hotel and were not hospitalized.

The ages of the patients were not immediately known.

Authorities evacuated the hotel overnight and continue to investigate the source of the carbon monoxide.

“We continue the investigation into the source and glad that no one died as a result of their exposure,” Marysville Fire Chief Jay Riley said in a statement.

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