UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, UK and Oman Condemn Houthis Attack on Civilians

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, and Oman condemned Houthis attacks on civilians inside Yemen after the latter launched missile attacks toward Abu Dhabi that killed three civilians and wounded six more.  

“The Quint strongly condemned the Houthis’ repeated attacks against civilians within Yemen, including US local staff in Sanaa, and their continued heinous terrorist attacks against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more recently the United Arab Emirates,” the countries said in a joint communique after a meeting in London.

The Quint, while calling for an end to Houthis attacks, said they fully support Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to protect their countries based on international law. 

“We can’t ignore their legitimate national security concerns. It’s the right of Saudi and UAE to defend themselves against terrorist attacks, “the Quint statement said but emphasized that the two Arabic states should take tangible measures not to harm the civilians.

The Quint also announced their solid support for UN efforts to end the conflict through talks.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg had earlier called for a peaceful dialogue aimed at ending the ongoing conflict in the war-hit country.

On Monday, the UAE said they have intercepted missiles fired by Houthis toward Abu Dhabi, the second attack within a week that killed three people in UAE’s capital.

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