Tajikistan Says Two Dead During Border Scuffle With Kyrgyzstan

The government of Tajikistan on Friday confirmed that two of its citizens were killed and 10 more received injuries during intensive skirmishes at its contested border with Kyrgyzstan.

Clashes between the two Central Asian countries erupted on Thursday night, but they reached a ceasefire on Friday morning following the latest lethal flare-up at the border sides.

According to a statement issued by Tajik Border Service, the two citizens were killed by Kyrgyz mortars.

“The first victim was a man who lost his life by a mortar shell fired by Kyrgyz soldiers into his yard, and the second was a driver of a local hospital’s ambulance who died while rescuing local residents from an explosion caused by the mortars,” the statement added.

The situation on the state border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan reportedly stabilized and officials from both sides would launch a joint investigation to find the reason behind the conflict.

The statement said that four civilians and six border servicemen were among 10 wounded individuals.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Committee (NSC) said Friday that it had reached an agreement for a complete ceasefire with Tajikistan.

The two neighbors also agreed to withdraw forces from the border sides and ensure the flow of traffic along a strategic road that passes between both countries, the NSC said in a statement.

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