US Scientists Takes Step Further in Harnessing Nuclear Fusion

Researchers from the U.S. confirmed that they have achieved a milestone in creating nuclear fusion, a self-sustaining energy source that promises unlimited clean energy.

Last year, experiments at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California have reached a stage in a decades-long effort to crack nuclear fusion called “burning plasma”.

Burning plasma is a critical step to creating nuclear fusion. It occurs when an energy source heats itself through fusion reactions within it, instead of heat from the outside.

The experiments produced about less than 100 volts, however, and the researchers cautioned that fully harnessing nuclear fusion energy will take more years of work. But Alex Zylstra, an experimental physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where NIF is based, said that the progress is encouraging.

“Fusion energy is the holy grail of clean limitless energy,” said Annie Kritcher, lead designer of the experiments at the NIF.

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