Jordanian Military Says It Kills 27 Drug Smugglers While Infiltrating From Syria

The Jordanian military army on Thursday said they have killed 27 drug smugglers who sought to penetrate the border from neighboring Syria under the cover of heavy snow.

According to Jordan’s Army Website, the criminals were killed when they attempted to infiltrate large quantities of drugs inside the country.

During the shootout, other smugglers fled inside Syria, the army said, adding the army has tightened security on the border side with Syria in order to prevent drug smuggling.

“This is not the first incident, we have thwarted several attempts to smuggle drugs into Jordan from Syria,” the army said in a statement.

Large quantities of narcotics were recently seized in separate interventions at Jordan that also left several people wounded.

The military has seriously warned the drug smugglers and forces behind them to never allow them to penetrate drugs inside Jordan.

 “We will strike the smugglers with an iron first and will firmly protect our borders from them,” the statement added.

According to the statement, earlier this month, an army officer was killed during a shootout with smugglers on the border with Syria.

Jordan is also hosting more than 650,000 Syrian refugees after the country was triggered into civil war.

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