Afghan Protesters Call On Int’l Community To Release Frozen Bank Assets

Afghan women protesters took to the streets, demanding the international community, particularly the US, to release Afghanistan’s frozen assets to mitigate the ongoing financial crisis.

A female protestor, Basira Didar called on the world to recognize the Islamic Emirate government, demanding the World Health Organization, and other international organizations not to leave Afghanistan on its own in such a difficult time.

“The US should release frozen Afghanistan’s Central Bank assets, it belongs to the Afghans. We need the money more than any other time and it should be released immediately because the Afghans are scrambling with a bad economic situation,” Didar added.

Didar furthered that the international community and Afghanistan’s neighbors should also restrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, another female protestor, Hafiza Amiri called on the Afghan women to respect Hijab.

“We are not putting on Hijab because of the Taliban. It is the command of God to wear Hijab as it would honor women,” Amiri said.

Recently, a large number of Afghan women staged protests across the Afghan capital city of Kabul and strongly opposed wearing compulsory Hijab imposed by the Taliban.

At the same time, Taliban officials said that they would not force the women to wear Hijab.

Over $9 billion of assets belonging to Afghanistan’s Central Bank were frozen in banks abroad, mainly in the US following the collapse of the former Afghan government in August.

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