US Forces Accused Of Plundering Syrian Oil From Al-Jazeera Region

US forces have reportedly continued to steal Syrian oil and transfer it to Iraq, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) revealed on Wednesday, accusing the US occupation of plundering the country’s oil.

Quoting local sources, SANA reported that about 130 tankers carrying crude oil stolen from oil fields in the Al-Jazeera region left Syria for Iraq through the illegal Al-Walid crossing point.

The stolen oil was transferred through a corridor opened previously by the US occupation forces towards al-Mahmoudiya village in the region, the outlet added.

US forces with support from QSD militia allegedly allowed dozens of trucks, carrying smuggled goods belonging to the militant group to also enter the Syrian Al-Jazeera region through the same crossing.

According to the sources, a convoy of 46 trucks with US logistical materials also entered Syria through the same crossing point.

There are several unverified reports indicating that the US and the militias it supports are engaged in stealing Syrian oil, depriving the Syrian government of its much-needed revenue and fuel.

The Syrian government has repeatedly asked the US to end its occupation and withdraw all its troops from the country, which is illegal under international law.

However, US officials say their troops are in Syria to fight against Islamic State extremist groups.

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