UAE Military, Economic Centers Is Next Target: Yemen Warns

Yemeni officials on Tuesday warned that the next target would be the UAE’s military and economic facilities unless Abu Dhabi stops invading Yemen.

A spokesman for the Ansarullah Movement and the head of the Yemeni negotiating team, Mohammad Abdul Salam said that UAE has “no capability to stand firm against missile strikes.”

Talking to Al-Mayadin TV, Salam said that UAE is a small country and its economy depends on security, and relations with other countries.

Salam warned that if the UAE loses its security, it will lose everything indicating they have already launched missile attacks toward the UAE under “Operation Yemen Storm 2”.

Salam said that UAE had recently announced its decision to withdraw its troops from Yemen, but they have yet to deliver on its promise. “My advice to the aggressor countries is to stop aggression against our country because we neither accept any aggression nor want a war,” Salam added.

On Monday, The UAE Defense Ministry said they have intercepted two ballistic missiles fired toward Abu Dhabi by Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Today was the second attack by Houthis within a month and the previous one was deadly as it took the lives of three people, while six more were wounded.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have accelerated bombing Yemen, including the capital city Saana after the Houthis confirmed seizing a UAE-flagged vessel.

UAE officials said the cargo included medical and communications equipment and other medical staff, but the Houthi rebels claimed the vessel was full of military weaponry.

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