American Sailors Injured as F-35 Crashes on USS Carl Vinson in South China Sea

At least seven American sailors were injured after a “landing mishap” of a combat aircraft on the deck of a nuclear-powered US carrier sailing in the South China Sea, the US Navy has said.

The US Pacific Fleet command said the F-35C Lightning II jet “was conducting routine flight operations” when the crash happened on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson.

“The pilot safely ejected from the aircraft and was recovered via US military helicopter,” the US Navy’s office in Hawaii said, adding that the airman “is in stable condition”.

The Navy said they brought three of the seven injured sailors to a treatment facility in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila, and treated the other four onboard the USS Carl Vinson.

The US Navy said that the cause of the “inflight mishap is under investigation.”

Earlier, the two American vessels have conducted military exercises with a Japanese naval ship in the Philippine Sea, while the USS Carl Vinson also held “expeditionary strike force training operations” with an Essex group of American warships.

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