UK Pulls Staff from Ukraine; NATO Reinforces Ranks in Eastern Europe

The United Kingdom has started withdrawing staff from its embassy in Ukraine as fears grew of an imminent Russian invasion.

The UK’s foreign office said Monday that it was pulling out “some embassy staff and dependants” in response to “the growing threat from Russia.”

Britain’s move came after the United States ordered the families of all American staff at the US Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country amid heightened concern that Russia is about to invade, adding that all Americans should consider departing immediately.

Meanwhile, NATO has said, it is putting extra forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to Eastern Europe to reinforce Allied deterrence and defense as Russia continues its military build-up in and around Ukraine.

NATO added that Denmark would send a frigate to the Baltic Sea and deploy 16 warplanes to Lithuania, while Spain is deploying ships to join NATO’s naval force and is considering sending fighter jets to Bulgaria.

Nato also reported that The Netherlands is sending two F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria from April onwards to support NATO’s air-policing activities in the region, and France has expressed its readiness to send troops to Romania.

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