‘Ozark’ Showrunner Breaks Down Those Season 4 Surprises

The first half of Ozark’s fourth and final season was released on Netflix last week, with more dramatic twists and turns for the Byrde family as their drug cartel money-laundering enterprise came under growing scrutiny from the FBI and the Navarro family. 

The seven episodes have received widespread appreciation from critics, with the season receiving a 94 percent favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Showrunner Chris Mundy outlines some of the logic for the season’s main story points and teases what the renowned drama’s last set of episodes will offer when the rest is released later this year on Netflix.

The opening episode of the final season introduces a new opponent for the Byrdes in the form of Navarro’s nephew Javier, who is as unpredictable as he is distrustful of the Byrdes. When Navarro hands over control of his empire to Javier in order to strike a deal with the FBI, Javier decides to get all up in the Byrdes’ business, including murdering Darlene Snell in cold blood. Darlene’s boyfriend, Wyatt, is with her at the moment, and he takes a gunshot to the head.

Mundy revealed that Darlene’s death was part of their initial intentions for the last season, but Wyatt’s death came afterward. “If this was Season 2, we wouldn’t have [killed Wyatt],” Mundy confessed. “But knowing we’re kind of hurtling down toward the end, it helped make the decision to include Wyatt it in that so that the impact on Ruth could be the maximum impact it was in that finale.”

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