Taliban FM Motaqi Visits Norway For Talks with World Powers

Taliban acting Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Motaqi will visit Oslo, Norway’s capital for talks with the world powers on various matters, days after the Taliban called on the world to recognize their government.

Spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Inamullah Samangani said a high-level delegation, lead by Motaqi will leave Kabul for Oslo on Saturday, where they would discuss plenty of issues with top Norwegian officials, including meeting with the US Diplomats and European Union members.

Samangani also said that the Taliban delegation would hold talks with some influential Afghan figures there.

However, Samangani did not name those Afghans where Motaqi would meet in Oslo, and what they would discuss.

The Norway’s Foreign Ministry in a statement confirmed they have invited Afghan representatives to Oslo on 23-25 January 2022 to meet Norwegian authorities, the international community, and other Afghans.

The meetings do not represent a legitimization or recognition of the Taliban, the statement said, but said the de-facto authorities must hold talks in order to prevent a political situation leading to a worse humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan.

“We are extremely concerned about the grave situation in Afghanistan, where millions of people are facing a full-blown humanitarian disaster,” the statement added.

The statement added that in a bid to be able to help the civilian population in Afghanistan, it is essential that both the International Community and Afghan from various parts of society engage in dialogue with the Taliban.

The visit comes days after Taliban Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund called on the world countries to recognize the Afghan government.

Akhund claimed that the Taliban has met all the conditions to be recognized by the world powers.

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