Palestinian FM Criticizes Biden For Moving Too Slow On Peace Process

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki has openly criticized the US President Joe Biden for not pressurizing Israel for accepting a two-state solution and to enter into the peace talks.

Briefing the UN Security Council, Malki expressed annoyance that the Biden administration is yet to adverse all Trump administration’s unpleasant policies toward Palestine.

“Biden is moving too slowly in this regard,” Malki said, adding it was hoped that the end of Donald Trump’s administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government would be enough to pave the way for renewed momentum for peace.

“We thought that Biden, as new president of the US, could try to move the Israeli position toward us,” Malik added, but said Israeli position has been able to move the American position a little bit towards them and it’s very much troublesome.

Malik said that Palestrina was expected that the Biden administration would uphold its commitment to reopen the US consulate in occupied East Jerusalem which would restore Washington’s main diplomatic mission for the Palestinians in the contested city.

This comes as the Israeli authorities have notified the families of two Palestinian brothers accused of carrying out an alleged shooting operation last month, that they will demolish their house in Jenin, based in the West Bank.

The two brothers, Ghaith and Omar Jaradat who are between 20 and 17 years old, were arrested on 16 December after conducting an alleged shooting attack in Homesh, north of Nablus, in which an Israeli settler were killed.

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