Over 1m Syrians Returned To Their Country From Turkey: Officials

Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akbar on Friday said over one million Syrian refugees have been voluntarily returned to their country.

Akbar said that the development was made due to operations conducted by the Turkish military to prevent the formation of a terror corridor in northern Syria and secured the borders between the two countries.

“Following those operations, more than 1 million Syrians have voluntarily returned to their country, including 470,000 people to the Idlib province,” Akbar added.

Answering a question posed by Suzan Şahin, a lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Akbr said that the army is making efforts to stop the flow of illegal Syrian refugees inside the country from the Idlib crossing.

Since the outbreak of civil war, millions of people took legal and illegal ways to enter inside Turkey to escape the war.

There are 3.5 million Syrians currently in Turkey, in which 500,000 of them are living in Istanbul, while the southeastern province of Gaziantep is home to 460,000 Syrians, according to data from the Presidency of Migration Management.

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