Iran, Russia Agreed To Increase Trade Value To $10b

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi announced on Friday that Iran and Russia reached an agreement to increase trade value up to $10 billion between the two countries.

Upon his arrival to Tehran from a two days visit to Moscow, Raisi said Iran-Russia agreed to remove trade barriers and boost the economic exchanges between the two states.

“The current level of mutual trade is not acceptable,” Raisi said, adding the officials from the two states also discussed monetary and banking issues.

Raisi said during the visit, both sides also agreed on improving mutual agricultural capacities in a bid to increase the level of trade in the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji who accompanied Raisi in his visit to Russia, said numerous meetings took place with Russian officials and also they signed important documents on energy cooperation between the two countries.

Moreover, Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzim, who was also among the delegation, said the government Russia has finalized the previous agreed $5 billion credit line for the completion of several development projects in Iran.

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