Five People Arrested For Allegedly Ordering Journalist’s Assassination in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan authorities said they have arrested five people, including an official in the southern Turkistan regime for their alleged involvement in an assassination attempt of a journalist.

Without disclosing their names, the police on Friday said five individuals were arrested in a failed attempt to assassinate Amangeldy Batyrbekov, the Editor-in-Chief of the Saryaghash-Inform Newspaper.

Meanwhile, media reports said that Bauyrzhan Mairikhov, the chief of the education department of the Saryaghash district administration, was also arrested for its alleged role in the connection.

Mairikhov’s arrest was confirmed by the Turkistan regional administration officials, but they restrained themselves from providing further details.

The arrest was made after two unknown gunmen opened fire on Batyrbekov’s son late at night on January 3 near the journalist’s house.

The journalist’s son survived the brutal attack, but the police said the main target was Batyrbekov, not his son, and the assailants were promised 5 million tenges ($11,500) for the job.

Meanwhile, Batyrbekov said that assassination attempt on his life was likely linked to his online articles about corruption at a local kindergarten, in which he mentioned the name of Mairikhov.


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