Top US Envoy Says Iran Nuclear Deal Still Possible

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday said that he believes reviving the Iran nuclear deal was still possible, saying it was a decisive moment in the negotiations.

Speaking at a joint news conference with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Blinke said that he has seen some modest progress in the last couple of weeks in the talks in Vienna.

“My own assessment, talking to all of our colleagues, is that returning to mutual compliance, it remains possible,” Blinken added.

Meanwhile, Baerbock said that urgent progress was needed in talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal. “The window for finding a solution is closing,” Baerbock said.

Baerbock said that the negotiations are in a decisive phase, emphasizing on having an urgent progress, otherwise, they would not be successful in reaching a joint accord.

The optimism comes at a time when the US President Joe Biden on Wednesday said that it was “not time to give up” on the talks with Iran, insisting “there is some progress being made”.

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