Taliban PM Akhund Calls For Recognition of Government

The acting Taliban Prime Minister, Mullah Hasan Akhund on Wednesday called on the international community to formally recognize Afghanistan’s Taliban administration.

Speaking in a press conference in the Afghan capital Kabul, Akhund claimed that all conditions were met for their recognition as a government.

Akhund, in his first major public appearance since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August, called on all the governments around the world, especially the Islamic Countries, to recognize the Taliban administration.

Foreign powers are yet to recognize the Taliban administration as they have their own demands and conditions. Forming an inclusive government with upholding the role of women and girls rights, are the main demands of the world in order to recognize the Taliban administration.

Akhund also said short-term humanitarian aid is not the solution. “We must find ways to resolve problems fundamentally,” he added.

The UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Deborah Lyons had recently said that Afghanistan’s economic crisis was a serious problem that needed to be addressed by all countries.

“The United Nations is working to revitalize Afghanistan’s economy and fundamentally address Afghanistan’s economic problems,” Lyons said.

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