Saudi-led Coalition Airstrikes Target Sanaa Int’l Airport

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen on Wednesday carried out airstrikes targeting Sanaa International Airport in the capital of Yemen, days after the Houthi rebel group claimed responsibility for attacks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to AhlulBayt News Agency, the Sanaa International Airport was targeted with the heaviest airstrikes, while other parts of the city were also bombed by the Saudi airstrikes.

Saudi Arabia has intensified attacks on Yemen since the Houthi rebel group launched deadly drone attacks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) two days ago, in which three people were killed and six more received injuries.

A member of the Political Bureau of Yemeni Ansarullah Movement, Mohammed Al-Bakhiti said that UAE has resumed its offensive against innocent Yemenis.

“Such aggressive attacks will prompt Yemeni forces to respond in the same way, even aggressively,” the outlet quoted Al-Bakhiti as saying.

According to Al-Bakhiti, the government of UAE is weak enough against any kind of military operations in Yemen.

Since Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition began air raids against strongholds and camps in Sanaa belonging to the Iran-backed Houthi group, according to Saudi state media.

At least 14 civilians were killed and dozens more wounded during the Tuesday attacks.

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