EU Urges Lebanon to Reach IMF Deal, Prepare for Elections

The European Union members on Wednesday called on Lebanon to reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and also prepare for the elections.

In a joint statement, the EU called on the government of Lebanon and other decision-making bodies to conclude, without further delays, in line with their repeated and consistent announcements and commitments, an agreement with the IMF.

They termed agreement with the IMF necessary as it would support Lebanon in finding a way out of the macro-economic and fiscal crises.

The EU also called for taking all the necessary decisions and steps to enable the Supervisory Commission for Elections to be conducted in its due time in 2020.

The government of Lebanon made commitments to conduct the election on due time, and they must, the members added, call on the authorities to step up efforts in order to ensure an adequate process leading to fair and transparent elections.

The EU also called for a fair and thorough investigation on the cause of the Beirut Port explosion.

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