Afghan Helicopters Not To Be Delivered To Use By Taliban: Pentagon

The US Department of Defense on Wednesday announced that helicopters of the former Afghan regime parked in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will not be delivered in Afghanistan to be used by the Taliban.   

Briefing a news conference, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that they are “still working out the — the disposition of — of those helicopters.”

“I think it’s safe to assume that they will not be sent into Afghanistan to be at — to be used by the Taliban. .But as to what they end up doing and where they end up going and who ends up with them, we are still working our way through that decision-making process,” Kirby said.

Recently the Taliban regime’s acting defense minister, Mawlawi Mohammad Yaqboo called on the two neighboring countries, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to return Afghan Air Force planes and helicopters that were flown by fleeing pilots in August last year.

“Our planes in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan must be returned to us,” Yaqboo said, warning the two neighboring countries not to test the Taliban’s regime’s patience and not to force them to take possible retaliatory steps to reclaim the aircraft.

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