Syrian-Kurdish Authority Urged To End Suspension of AFP Journalist

The Syrian media watchdog on Monday called on the Kurdish-led autonomous administration in northeast Syria to lift the suspension of an AFP photojournalist, Delil Souleiman.

The Syrian Kurdish Journalist Network on Monday said they are doubtful that Souleiman was sanctioned due to his journalistic work rather they see it as a politically-motivated move.

Souleiman was suspended for two weeks after covering a sit-in against the authorities in the city of Qamishli.

Head of the Autonomous Administration’s Media Department, Mullah Ibrahim claimed that Souleiman was suspended for violating illegal restrictions imposed by the authority’s media department.

“Souleiman has not been suspended for his journalist activities, “Ibrahim said “Souleiman used a drone without getting authorization from Syrian-Kurdish security forces.”.

A journalist specializing in media law, Massoud Hamed, told Al-Araby that Souleiman did not do anything contrary to the principles of journalism.

Hamed questioned the officials from the Syrian-Kurdish Administration based on which law they imposed this suspension.

Souleiman’s work suspension is not something new as per data of the Syrian Centre for Media (SCM), more than 300 journalists have been arrested across Syria and nearly 100 have been the victims of abduction since 2011.

According to the SCM report, the Syrian regime has forcibly disappeared journalists and targeted media staff.

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