Police Raid Homes of New Year’s Eve Sexual Assault Suspects in Milan

Italian police have raided the homes of 15 young men and three boys suspected of involvement in a series of sexual assaults during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Milan.

Police said raids were carried out early on Tuesday morning at the suspects’ homes in Milan and Turin, arresting 18 suspects aged between 15 and 21, foreign or Italian of North African origin.

Police added they identified the suspects based on CCTV images, the accounts of the victims and witnesses, and analysis of social media posts.

Several women, including two Germans visiting Milan, came forward with their reports in the days after New Year’s Eve, with the number rising to nine as of Tuesday.

Police said the women shared similar stories of being dragged into the crowd, shoved, and groped during the fireworks display.

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese said no effort should be spared in ensuring that such “deplorable behaviors” never happen again.

The case drew comparisons with the Cologne incident in 2015-2016, when up to 1,000 young men, many of North African origin, carried out a series of sexual assaults, rapes, and muggings close to the city’s cathedral.

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