Lebanon Denies Reports On Purchasing Gas From Israel As False

Lebanese authorities have categorically denied media reports on purchasing gas from Israel in a US-brokered deal to help the country with its chronic energy crisis.  

The Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water in a statement strongly denied the reports published on the Israeli Channel 12 under the title “Washington agrees to an agreement to supply Israeli gas to Lebanon.”

“The ministry confirmed that the gas supply agreement that it is working on is between the Lebanese and Egyptian governments,” the statement said, terming the reports of importing gas from Israel as completely false.

Meanwhile, the US State Department also denied brokering an agreement for Israel to indirectly supply natural gas to Lebanon.

“Media reports that the United States has brokered an energy deal between Israel and Lebanon are false,” the department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs said.

According to the Channel 12 report, the deal was brokered by Amos Hochstein, Washington’s special envoy and coordinator for international energy, in which Israeli gas would be transported to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria.

The agreement was approved by the US and was also coordinated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the report claimed.

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