3 People Killed In Suspected Drone Attacks In UAE

UAE Police said three people were killed in possible drone attacks that struck three oil tankers in Abu Dhabi at an extension of the Emirate’s Airport on Monday morning.

Police said in a statement that another six people received injuries in the attack and that an investigation is underway.

The victims are two Indian nationals and one Pakistani, the statement said, but it did not provide details on the health conditions of those wounded in the attacks.

While Abu Dhabi police did not blame any group in the attacks, Yemen’s Houthi movement, which is battling a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and including the UAE, said the group launched a military operation deep in the UAE and would announce details soon. 

Houthis have repeatedly claimed launches of cross-border missiles and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and this is the first time of such a deadly attack on the UAE.

Meanwhile, Houthis claimed that had recently captured an Emirati-flagged vessel in the Red Sea.

The Saudi-led coalition said that the Houthis had seized a vessel that was carrying medical supplies, while the Houthis said that it was a military cargo ship with military equipment.

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