Taliban Militants Pepper Spray Women’s Rights Protesters

Taliban militants on Jan. 16 pepper sprayed women’s rights protesters in the capital of Afghanistan.

The Taliban dispersed around 20 women who gathered in front of Kabul University to demand for rights to work and education, three women protesters told local press.

According to a protester, three Taliban vehicles arrived on the scene and used pepper spray on the group of women.

One of the women had to be taken to the hospital after the spray caused an allergic reaction to her eyes and face, protesters said.

A Taliban fighter also confiscated a mobile phone of a man who was recording the protest, AFP News reported.

The Taliban have banned unsanctioned protests and frequently dispersed women’s rights demonstrations.

After taking power last August, the Taliban banned women in the public sector from returning to their jobs, while several secondary schools and public universities have still not reopened for girls.

The Taliban also banned women from traveling to long distances unless accompanied by a close male relative.

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