Protests Erupt in Lebanon Over Soaring Prices, Economic Crisis

Protests against soaring prices were staged in Lebanon, over deteriorating living conditions due to the long-term economic crisis.

The protesters in Beirut, the capital city, Tripoli, Khalde, and other cities, parked their vehicles on the main road blocking it from traffic.

Fadi Abou Shakra, a spokesman for Lebanon’s fuel stations union, who participated in the protest, said, “It’s not our hobby to block the roads, but we become fed up with the fragile economic situation.”

Shakra explained that officials are not controlling the illegal platforms manipulating the exchange rate hikes and that the collapse of the Lebanese currency has impacted every aspect of life in the country.

Shakra changed that people can no longer afford their most basic needs and they can’t buy bread or meals. “The employees’ salaries are the same following the collapse of our currency against the US dollar. All the residents become so poor that they can’t even fill their vehicles with petrol anymore,” he added.  

Lebanon has been suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis amid a shortage of US dollars. The Lebanese pound, which was trading at 1,500 pounds to the dollar until the outbreak of the crisis in 2019, is now trading at around $31,500. 

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