Afghan Women Protest Against Compulsory Hijab Wearing

A group of women took to the streets in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday to advocate for equal rights with men and strongly opposed compulsory wearing of Hijab.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Virtue and Vice had recently placed posters around the Kabul city, emphasizing the preservation of the Islamic Hijab for women.

A female protestor, Shabana Shabdiz said that burqa is not their Hijab and it has been imposed on Afghan women by the UK and India.

Burqas are not part of the Afghan cultural identity, Shabdiz chanted while opposing wearing buraq.  

Another protestor, Shahla Arifi, demanded rights to education and jobs. “The Taliban must provide job opportunities for the Afghan men and women instead of limiting women’s rights in the society,” Arifi added.

The women protestors, at the same time, expressed outrage over the observation of silence by the international community. They asked the world not to remain silent about women’s rights in Afghanistan.   

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Ministry of Virtue and Vice Mohammad Saddiq Akef confirmed they have installed posters in the Kabul walls and streets in order to reform the society.

“Hijab is the order of God, the prophet and the Islamic Sharia,” Akef said, but given assurance that the ministry will not force anyone or impose the Hijab on them in a threatening way.

The Afghan women staged frequent demonstrations since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in mid-August.

The Afghan women continuously held protests against continued restriction of the Taliban on their rights as they still do not have full access to the right to work or go to school across Afghanistan.

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