YouTube to Start Hiding Dislike Counts

YouTube is implementing adjustments to its platform to protect artists, including suppressing dislike numbers on videos.

The video-sharing site started rolling out a new feature on Wednesday that keeps the counts secret and only visible to the individual who posted the video.

The real dislike button, on the other hand, will remain, and viewers can continue to hate a video in order to fine-tune their own suggestions.

The enhanced functionality was inspired by a YouTube experiment done earlier this year to investigate if adjustments to the dislike button might help safeguard content producers from abuse and “hate assaults,” in which users purposefully dislike a video to increase the count.

In a video, YouTube creator liaison Matt Koval stated that the firm expects that keeping the count from the public would be less stressful for the creator.

If a creator wants to view their dislike counts, they may do so through YouTube Studio.

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