Woman Found Dead In Syria’s Hawl Camp

The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish) reported a woman was murdered in her tent in the Hawl Camp, east of Hasakah governorate in northeast Syria.

Islamic State (ISIS) cell members reportedly killed the woman, local media claim, highlighting a significant rise in crimes in the camp that hosts ISIS families.

Camp residents reported that Doha Ismael, 35, was found dead in the section designated for the Syrians, North Press reported a security source as saying. 

“Four masked men carrying guns and pistols entered the tent, beat me on the head and then shot my mother four times directly in her head,” the outlet quoted the son of the victim as saying.

Two days ago, an Iraqi refugee Imad al-Abdullah, 53, was survived a murder attempt in the first section of Hawl Camp.

Another two Iraqi refugees were killed in November using guns equipped with silencers.  

In late November, the Asayish arrested 14 members of ISIS cell who carried out killings inside the camp.

Numerous killings took place in Hawl Camp over 2021 and the majority of the victims died by bullets or pistols equipped with silencers, the outlet added.

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